Advanced Sourdough Consultancy


Do you operate a bakery that wants to introduce high quality sourdough bread? Or are you about to open a new bakery?

The best way to learn is while you bake. Spend 2 full baking shifts at Companion Bakery working with Graham & his team. We will make several varieties of sourdough bread & cover all the fermentation techniques you need to know to run a successful sourdough bakery.


Techniques covered include: 

- Firing & baking in a woodfired oven

- How to bake great sourdough in gas or electric oven

- Hot & cool starter fermentation techniques

- Flour characteristics & selection

- Dough development

- Bulk, intermediate and final proofing styles

- Balling & shaping

- Using bannetons & other forms including tins

- Warm & cool proofing (retardation)

- Sourdough workflow: adapting sourdough process to suit your lifestyle/bakery schedule

- Recipe creation


We will also make the time to visit Callington Mill and take a closer look at the production of organic stoneground flour.


Cost:  $2000.00 plus GST (Private tuition - 1 person)
Duration: 2 baking shifts - firing the oven, working the dough, baking bread

Date: By negotiation